I inherited the love for photography from my father. It all began with a “Agfa-Ritsch-Ratsch-click” camera and got continued (young and ambitious) with my first SLR.

Since then my passion for photography didn’t end. After completing my apprenticeship as a commercial photographer at the photo studio Zahn in Oldenburg and a few salaried years at advertising agencies and photo studios I took over the foto:hölzen GmbH in 1991. Since then I am shooting and filming for both large and small companies at home and abroad.

My profession is my life’s work and fulfillment. Discovering something new every day, the finger on the pulse of time, meeting great people. My work benefits from me learning with the help of analog photography, then becoming an enthusiastical digital photographer and image editor in the early 90s. I know what is done faster in set as well as what is more efficient in postproduction.

My imagery is clear and tidy (already in front of the lens), no bungling, always 100%, see for yourself :)


Gerald Lampe
CEO foto:hölzen GmbH